Lean – Agile: The Eternal Siblings

What came first – Lean or Agile principles? It’s a chicken-and-egg question for many. And then, there are some who believe that these two are separated twins – same stuff, just the different names.

If you think that Lean software development and Agile are the same, think again!

  • While Lean is more about removing waste from the system and improves overall “process efficiency”, Agile is more about “product correctness and acceptance”.
  • While Lean is more about “leaders who can change the system”, Agile is more about “self-organizing teams”.
  • While Lean is more about “reducing variability in production system”, Agile is more about “exploiting variability in product development”.

Yes, there are differences between Lean and Agile. But there are many similarities too.

Both Lean and Agile are about delivering fast to the customers and end-users so that they can start realizing value early.

Both Lean and Agile are about increasing knowledge through feedback loops and learning-by-doing.

Both Lean and Agile are about empowered teams who can make local decisions quickly.

If you are wondering which one you should start with, you need to first ask yourself what problem you are facing that you need to solve.

I am going to talk about this topic “Lean – Agile: The Eternal Siblings” during the DISCUSS AGILE CONFERENCE – DELHI 2015 on June 13-14, 2015.

In this talk, we will discuss on how the principles of Lean and Agile can be leveraged in order to create complex software solutions at enterprise level.

Please provide your feedback and suggestions by commenting on this post or writing to me at [email protected]. I will really value your inputs and incorporate in my talk.

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