Pune Agile Professionals

I could not hold myself back in posting about our Pune Agile Professionals meetup group here.

Started about a year back with a vision to become the most sought after “AGILE HANGOUT PLACE” in Pune, it has certainly become one or becoming one soon. I am saying this with so much conviction seeing the quality of meetups we have conducted in the last 12 months. Simply amazed with the talent within our group!!

Every time, we have had different facilitator(s) and they have all surprised the entire group with their passion towards agile and their facilitation skills. Thanks to my friends – Ankit, Ashish, Hrishikesh and Tushar. You guys have rocked!

We have discussed diverse topics like Agile Mindset, Agile Metrics, Continuous Integration, Visualization, Adoption vs. Transformation, Scaling Agile, etc. and it’s only getting better every time. The most important part has been the active participation from the group members.

No other way to learn agile better than being involved in an active community where the members are willing to share their experiences, views and knowledge. Way to Go, Pune Agile Professionals !!

Please find write ups on some of our previous meetups, and information about our upcoming meetup here:

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